Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scrap it!

SO I got bored with my other idea, and have decided to Make this WEDDING POSSIBILITIES!!!! kekeke I am going to be putting ideas of stuff I would like for the wedding thing that might one day occur! (apparently it's weird... But I dont care! hehehe this is gonna be so much fun!!!!)

So my first new direction post!!!

I don't think I want a white dress, since you know, I would only be wearing it at the wedding reception, so I see it as pointless to wear a white one, why not wear an amazingly gorgeous outrageous something that you wouldnt wear normally. ahaha I have strange logic I know.

Anywhos I really love the 1950-1960 clothings, but usually more the prim preppy types, Such as this Dress!! I like it very much, and I like red too.

SOO I got the idea of having red and white be the colours, its so plain and classic, which is my total styles keke

I thought a red dress with white accessories. I like this length dress as well, I think it suits me quite well. But I am not so sure about the sleeves and neck.

But I would wear my awesome white shoes that mamma (to my dissatisfaction keke but now i am playing into her words!!) calls my wedding shoes. and then have white flowers and things in my hair and maybe pearls. but I dont like white roses, I liek red ones though, but I dont want red flowers. hehe anywho, I think thats enough for this post :D

Good day to you all!

I went to and searched for 1950's dresses and found this one at this website:

Friday, August 12, 2011


One Day! If I practice! [HAHAHA]


This is an internet place where I will sometimes put up hopes, dreams and aspirations! or more pleasantly, Possibilities! the idea comes from the movie last holiday, she has a book of possibilities, its fun!