Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scrap it!

SO I got bored with my other idea, and have decided to Make this WEDDING POSSIBILITIES!!!! kekeke I am going to be putting ideas of stuff I would like for the wedding thing that might one day occur! (apparently it's weird... But I dont care! hehehe this is gonna be so much fun!!!!)

So my first new direction post!!!

I don't think I want a white dress, since you know, I would only be wearing it at the wedding reception, so I see it as pointless to wear a white one, why not wear an amazingly gorgeous outrageous something that you wouldnt wear normally. ahaha I have strange logic I know.

Anywhos I really love the 1950-1960 clothings, but usually more the prim preppy types, Such as this Dress!! I like it very much, and I like red too.

SOO I got the idea of having red and white be the colours, its so plain and classic, which is my total styles keke

I thought a red dress with white accessories. I like this length dress as well, I think it suits me quite well. But I am not so sure about the sleeves and neck.

But I would wear my awesome white shoes that mamma (to my dissatisfaction keke but now i am playing into her words!!) calls my wedding shoes. and then have white flowers and things in my hair and maybe pearls. but I dont like white roses, I liek red ones though, but I dont want red flowers. hehe anywho, I think thats enough for this post :D

Good day to you all!

I went to and searched for 1950's dresses and found this one at this website:


  1. You can do a wedding bit but do other stuffs on your mind too. I love looking a wedding stuff still hahahaha. I love the wedding shows to see what they did with all the decor. AND I ALREADY GOT MARRIED. Oh but here is a tip take away the comment security word thing. Only cause sometimes I read through blocks and click to leave a comment and then I write the comment and then click post comment and then click away from the page and the comment doesn't get left because after I click post comment a security word pops up and I had no idea because I am super quick at reading and running from the post. ANyways I love your new blog its cool with inspirations.

  2. Dude you should do little segements. Like this post is part of wedding possibilites and just tag it and you can have a sidebar that has all your tags so you can just click on it and see what you did there. And do it for all the whatever possibilities. It will be AWESOME!

  3. I love the 50's type dresses. They're so feminine but functional. Or so it seems. And they are such pretty silhouettes. I love the idea of this blog. such fun.