Thursday, December 8, 2011

ear rings

OHMYGOSS!! I have been looking at zooey deschanell stuff all day, well... for a long time today, and i saw this on a website she co-owns, with two other chicks. its called

I dont know if its the nerd in me, BUT I THINK THIS IS TOTALLY COOLER THAN earings! its totally awesome, and more complexicated than a mere hole in your ear hhohoho not knocking on earring, but these are REAL Ear Rings! (sort of... keke) so yeah... one day Ima get me some, but not these boring earring looking types, more awesome cosplay types kekek because why do something normal, when you can do something awesome!

It would make me feel totaly cool. eghehehe I cant get over how awesome i think it would be to have some hahahah


Future edit: I am totally gonna make me some, since the ones they have are very plain and bording, and the only pizazy ones they have are these star ones (I think they are pretty cool though hehe). I'm pretty sure i remembering wasting time in shop class wrapping metal wires around my ears and finger hahaha What a wonderful student I was ..keke

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